South Lanarkshire College is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all and complies fully with legislation and national guidance to ensure the safety of staff and students, whilst widening access and promoting inclusiveness and diversity. 

The College recognises that it has a moral and statutory duty to promote the health and welfare of those receiving education and training through the College.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and all staff are committed to recognising and reporting all concerns related to child protection, welfare and wellbeing and are appropriately trained to remain vigilant and spot signs of all forms of abuse and maltreatment.

As such, we promise to:

  • Be observant and alert to signs of all forms of abuse.
  • Be curious and question explanations offered by parents / carers / learners / staff and visitors.
  • Be compassionate, honest and clear.
  • Ask for support when we feel there is a limit of our experience / skills.
  • Follow College policies and procedures linked to safeguarding referrals.
  • Work together with other agencies when appropriate to ensure support for young people and their families is effective and helps improve person-centred outcomes.

College Safeguarding Team

The College has a network of safeguarders who act as a point of contact for providing safeguarding and child protection expertise and advice to help support staff and students. This includes the Curriculum Manager for each curriculum area and a designated safeguarder in each of the College departments.

Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

View our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures in the link below and the contact details for the College Safeguarding Team.

Safeguarding Policy and Procedures