Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships help young people gain valuable, real-world work experience and work-based learning while they are still at school.

They are designed to bridge the gap between school and employment, College or University; providing students with hands-on industry experience which will prepare them for their future career. 

Foundation Apprenticeship courses

What courses are on offer?

Our courses on offer for 2024 include:


How can I apply?

In consultation with your pupil support teacher, you can apply for one of our exciting courses on our website.

  • Complete our application form on the course of your choice by clicking 'Apply now' or apply using the below form
  • Apply to us as early as possible to avoid disappointment

Who are they for? 

Foundation Apprenticeships are for students entering S5 and S6 in school. 

You will study a Foundation Apprenticeship alongside your other subjects like National 5s and Highers, usually taught over two full days (for 1 year course) and two half days (for 2 year course) a week. It all adds up to an industry-recognised qualification equivalent to one or two Highers, therefore Students should be able to work at SCQF Level 6 (Higher equivalent). 

What are the benefits of studying a Foundation Apprenticeship?

There are many benefits of studying an FA alongside your school subjects, including: 

  • gaining hands-on industry experience with an employer
  • gaining insight, knowledge and experience from industry experts who will mentor and support you 
  • being able to specialise in your area of interest and future career path whilst at school 
  • gaining an insight in to College education studying at our East Kilbride campus 
  • meeting and being taught by award winning industry expert college lecturers 
  • meeting new people from schools across the Council area with similar interests
  • networking with employers to support your future career
  • achieving a qualification equivalent to a Higher 

What are the progression opportunities?

Foundation Apprenticeship qualifications are widely recognised and respected by Colleges, Universities and employers. They are equivalent to a Higher qualification with the added benefit of hands-on real life work experience in industry. So whether you want to go to College or University, study a further apprenticeship or go straight into employment, a Foundation Apprenticeship will help you stand out in your application. 

All Scottish Universities accept Foundation Apprenticeships.

What will I study within the course? 

What you will study will depend on what course framework you choose to study. Although all courses are taught with a mix of theory in the classroom at South Lanarkshire College and industry experience with one of our partner organisations. 

You’ll contribute to work-based real-life projects whilst out on placement which will compliment what you’ll learn at college

All Foundation Apprenticeships are linked to main sectors of the Scottish economy, so you are getting industry experience which will help kickstart your career. 

How are they delivered? 

The qualification can either take one year (S6 students) or two years (S5 students) to complete. You do a Foundation Apprenticeship alongside your other subjects like National 5s and Highers. It all adds up to an industry-recognised qualification equivalent to one or two Highers. 

The course is taught at South Lanarkshire College, with some time on placement with one of our partner organisations.  

The courses are offered in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council.  

Where can I get more information?

Find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships at

Who can I contact for more information? 

To speak to one of our team by completing the enquiry form

Email our Foundation Apprenticeship team at

Or speak to your school.

What do our students say about the courses?

Hear more from our Foundation Apprenticeship students: 

Case Studies 

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