The content of individual courses at the College are under constant academic review in light of current circumstances and may change from time to time, with some courses being modified, discontinued or replaced. The College, therefore:

1.1 Reserves the right to make reasonable variations to the design, content and delivery of its courses.

1.2 Reserves the right to discontinue or merge courses, due to events outside of the College’s reasonable control or if the College considers that such action is reasonably necessary in order to manage its resources.

1.3 Reserves the right to make variations to the contents or methods of delivery or assessment or locations of Programmes, to discontinue Programmes, to merge or combine Programmes and to introduce new Programmes if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary to the College. Such changes may occur either before or after enrolment of the Students. Prospective Students and Students have a right to withdraw from the Programme if after they accept a place, the course is substantially varied from the description in the prospectus: in such circumstances, a refund will be made of any tuition fees or deposit already made on a pro-rata basis for the unexpired period of the academic year for which such fees have been prepaid and the College has received notice from the Student that the Student wishes to withdraw from the Programme for that reason.

1.4 External factors such as industrial action or death or departure of staff may make it impossible, or possible only at prohibitive expense, for the College to deliver a previously offered option. In respect of rational deployment of resources, options offered may be subject to a minimum level of interest being shown in any given year. The College, therefore, reserves the right not to provide any particular course, curriculum or facility to make variations to the content or method of delivery of courses, to discontinue courses and to merge or combine courses if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the College.