As one of the Director's of roofing and Cladding company C3 Scotland, Ross Campbell knows the value of apprenticeships


Ross says "In today's fast-changing industries, having skilled workers is really important. I've seen how apprenticeships help our company, especially with our partnership with South Lanarkshire College.

Currently, we have one apprentice named Nathan McKenzie studying at South Lanarkshire College. Nathan is studying roof slating and tiling, and although Nathan is our only apprentice at the moment, we know it's important to develop our apprenticeship scheme to ensure we have more employees learning different trades.

C3 Scotland a  started working with South Lanarkshire College a year ago. We didn't have much experience with apprenticeships, but the college staff were really helpful and made it easy for us to get Nathan enrolled. They've been there for us every step of the way, especially since we're still pretty new to the business world.

Having apprentices is crucial to our company. We need skilled workers to work on our construction projects and ensure the jobs are accurate and complete. Apprenticeships give us a way to train new people and make sure they have the right skills to meet industry standards. Plus, it's a way to pass on old-school skills to the next generation and keep our craft alive.

Overall, apprenticeships are key to our company's success. Working with South Lanarkshire College helps us train new talent, grow our business, and make a positive impact on the construction industry. We're excited to keep working with the college and keep supporting apprenticeship training".