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Intro to the course:

This one day course will focus on the skills you need to successfully influence others in your organisation.  It will focus on

  • what makes a good communicator
  • how you see yourself
  • using your voice more effectively
  • generating confidence through body language
  • enhancing your message with new tools and techniques
  • improve your emotional intelligence

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Part-Time Day

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed to increase your communication skills, develop your skills in influencing others and to create positive responses to a wide range of situations.  It will help managers and team leaders express themselves confidently and to positively assert and influence others to build high performing teams. 

What will I study?

You will participate in activities to meet the following objectives:

  • speak with more confidence and listen carefully to build rapport
  • be assertive
  • identify and use different tools to positively influence people
  • have the confidence to make more of an impact on your audience
  • enhance your professionalism at work

Next step course options

Further leadership and management courses to develop yourself.

How will I be assessed?


Why should I choose this course?

Results for you:

  • handling customers, colleagues and situations at work with confidence
  • achieving results through improved communication
  • dealing with sensitive situations
  • enhancing your own image, self esteem and confidence
  • building trust within teams

Impact on an employer:

  • competent and confident staff with the ability  to communicate and manage people and relationships
  • improved communication and collaboration between employees/customers/departmental areas
  • provision of academic stimulus and challenge to employees
  • positive productivity in the workplace increasing morale and motivation

Where can this course lead?

This course will support your continuous professional development and widen opportunities to progress in your career.

What are the entry requirements?

You should be in a management position, with team  or management staff responsibilities.

What are the interview arrangements?


Fees, finance and funding:

Fees and finances for part time:

This course costs £120.

Find out more about Part-Time Fee Grants (PFGs): https://www.saas.gov.uk/part-time

Other information:

This course is delivered on one day and is most effective with a group of 10/12 learners. 

Part time course: 1 day

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Study mode Part-Time Day Start date 19/09/2024 Duration 1 day
Study mode Part-Time Day Start date 22/05/2025 Duration 1 day
Study mode Part-Time Day Start date 06/02/2025 Duration 1 day
Study mode Part-Time Day Start date 24/04/2025 Duration 1 day
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