Eleanor Ampleford - HNC Healthcare Practice

After Eleanor Ampleford’s daughters went off to school and nursery, Eleanor felt it was time for a career change and decided to apply for the HNC Healthcare Practice course at South Lanarkshire College.

Eleanor said “I chose the Healthcare Practice course because, I have always wanted to become an adult nurse. My dream is to have a career that’s life-long, rewarding and challenging.  Nurses deal with life, death and everything in between and I really want to make a difference in people’s lives”

To accompany her time in the classroom, Eleanor decided to gain work experience by taking a role as a Healthcare Support Assistant for the NHS.  Eleanor was covering a bank shift on a Covid ward when she contracted Covid-19.  Eleanor described the events:

“I was on my second shift for the NHS and really loving my time on the wards, when I unfortunately contracted COVID. It was a shock”.  Eleanor took some time out to ensure she followed Covid guidelines and give herself to time to heal and get back on her feet. Thankfully, Eleanor is now fully on the road to recovery and is Covid clear. She’s back out on the frontline covering bank shifts at the Alastair McCoist Community centre, which is currently being uses a vaccine centre.

Thanks to Eleanor for keeping us safe, you’re a true SLC Superhero!

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