Photography, Creative Industries and Digital Media

Why should I study photography, creative industries and digital media?

Skilled photographers are in high demand with photography needed for websites, social media, promotion and more.

Top photographers in Scotland earn upwards of £26,000 a year with 40% working as self employed, meaning you can choose your schedule to suit you. It’s estimated that 7,800 jobs will need to be replaced or created between 2020 and 2024 in the creative industries and photography in Scotland, with the need for good quality images for advertising and content.

What jobs can I get in this area?

You can get photography work in a studio, in scenic location photography and many other opportunities. Many of our previous students go on to be self employed freelance photographers. 

You might also specialise in a specific technique. For example, 360-degree photography. This is where you take and edit images that present a 360-degree panoramic view. You could be showing off a street view or leading people on virtual tours through buildings with your images.

How are the courses taught?

You’ll be taught in the college photography studios by experienced staff and have the chance of work placements within the industry.

You’ll learn through work experience, groupwork, lectures, industry visits and guest speakers.

What courses does the college offer?

We offer a range of photography, creative industries and digital media courses. All our courses prepare you for employment in industry or further training or qualifications.


Aysha Ali - Foundation Apprenticeship Creative and Digital Media

"I really enjoy the course because I like the work environment, the creative freedom and how this gives you experience for your dream career."

Aysha Ali - Creative and Digital Media FA

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