Human Resource Management

Why should I study human resource management?

All organisations, small, medium or large, need human resources (HR) support and staff. There are ample job opportunities in Lanarkshire, Glasgow and beyond. The average salary for an HR officer is £30,000 a year, with HR directors earning up to £90,000 a year.

Within human resource management you would find and hire the right employees for your organisation or business. You’d make sure that staff are treated fairly and understand the rules of your workplace.

You’d organise development and training opportunities. And if someone is experiencing difficulties – either professional or personal – you’d arrange for them to get support or services that could help.

You would:

  • Hire staff by advertising and interviewing
  • Work with other managers to plan future staff needs
  • Keep employee records
  • Provide staff training and development
  • Make sure staff have the right pay and benefits
  • Arrange staff services such as welfare and counselling
  • Deal with complaints and discipline procedures
  • Promote equality and health and safety
  • Advise colleagues on matters like pay negotiations, redundancy and employment law
  • Develop HR policies and procedures
  • Write staff handbooks

In large organisations, you may specialise in one or two of these areas. In smaller companies you would usually deal with all aspects of the job.

What jobs can I get in this area?

You can get jobs such as HR administrator, HR adviser and HR officer in private and public sector organisations, or after further experience or a degree level qualification you could progress to a HR manager of Head of HR.

How are the courses taught?

You’ll learn through work placement, groupwork, lectures and industry visits.

You’ll learn from experts in HR, including guest speakers. You’ll be connected into the sector by staff with extensive experience of the profession.

What courses does the college offer?

We offer a range of human resource management courses from level 5 to HND. All our courses prepare you for employment in industry or for further training or qualifications.


Lianne McMullen - HND Human Resource Management

Find out about Lianne's journey to success after studying Human Resource Management at South Lanarkshire College. 

Lianne McMullen - Human Resource Management HND

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