South Lanarkshire College Board is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Principal and Chief Executive.

Stella McManus, currently Depute Principal at the College, will take up the position on Monday 3 April, following a rigorous selection process which included input from students and staff.

Stella will take up the position with a wealth of experience having previously worked at in senior positions across a number of Colleges in Scotland and England in roles such as five years as Deputy Principal and Director of Curriculum.

Paul Hutchinson, Chairing Member, said:

“I have great pleasure in appointing Stella as our new Principal and Chief Executive of South Lanarkshire College.

The College received a number of high calibre applications for the role of Principal and following a comprehensive selection process, it was clear that Stella was the best candidate to lead South Lanarkshire College in its next phase of development and growth.

Our aim over the next few years is to continue to grow South Lanarkshire College in our community, to provide an outstanding learning environment for our students and to grow our engagement with stakeholders and I am confident that Stella will be an excellent leader in ensuring we achieve our strategic objectives and deliver excellence.”

Ronnie Smith, Lanarkshire Regional Strategic Body, Chair commented:

“The Board look forward to working with Stella to continue to grow South Lanarkshire College in the community and build on the positive reputation of the College. I, alongside the rest of the Board, welcome Stella to the role and look forward to working with them to continue to provide a high quality learning experience for students at South Lanarkshire College. I have no doubt that Stella will help to create effective partnership working between South Lanarkshire College and New College Lanarkshire to help support the region of Lanarkshire and beyond.”

Stella McManus said:

“I am delighted to be appointed as Principal and Chief Executive of South Lanarkshire College. South Lanarkshire College has an outstanding reputation for delivering excellence in learning and teaching, whilst being a key institution in the community and region.

I look forward to working with all staff to continue to grow the reputation of the College and support our students to achieve their potential, whilst ensuring that we grow the College in the community, supporting our partners to thrive.”

Stella will be responsible for around 5,000 students per year and 300 staff.