Social Services and Care

Why should I study social services and care?

A career in social services and care is both varied and rewarding. There are a number of different options within this industry and our courses will put you on the path to success within social services and care. Most roles include providing advice and support to vulnerable adults and children to help them improve their lives.

The average salary for an experienced social worker is £40,000 a year with entry level positions starting at £24,000 per year and over 16,600 people employed as social workers in Scotland. 

There are over 1.2 million full-time job roles within the sector across the UK, so there are plenty of opportunities for you after graduating from college.

What jobs can I get in this area?

You can get jobs such as senior care worker or social worker within a social care setting.

How are the courses taught?

You’ll learn through groupwork, lectures, industry visits and guest speakers.

You’ll be taught by experienced staff, including social workers and social science practitioners. You’ll have the chance of work experience with organisations such as South Lanarkshire Council, Blue Triangle, Salvation Army and third sector charities.

What courses does the college offer?

We offer a range of social services and care courses from Level 6 to HNC. All our courses prepare you for employment in industry or for further training or qualifications.

Robyn Downie - HND Social Services

"I chose the HNC Social Services course because, I have always had an interest in care, I originally planned to become a Veterinary Nurse but education and life choices changed over time and I enrolled at South Lanarkshire to start my journey on the pathway Mental Health Nursing."

Robyn Downie - HNC Social Services

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