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  • Full-Time
  • 1 year
  • Business Management
  • SCQF Level 6


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Intro to the course:

Scotland in the 21st century is a nation striving to be more successful by providing opportunities for all through sustainable economic growth. In the context of the current economic situation facing Scotland, the UK and the wider world these are challenging aims. However, there are signs that Scotland is well positioned to achieve its strategic objectives through equipping its workforce with a ‘can do’ enterprising attitude, transferable skills and a willingness to succeed. As Scotland now competes on a global stage, the ability to adapt and be dynamic are key strengths that are required of the workforce. This qualification will enable you to identify and develop enterprising ideas and engage in entrepreneurial activity, strengthening the nation’s ability to grow its economy sustainably and to attract foreign investment.

Combining the Business and Enterprise Group Award with the National Progression Award in Business and Marketing, and IT will provide a broad range of skills for today's modern business.  Information technology is vital in business and throughout the course you will develop problem solving and IT skills to enable you to be more confident in the use of software applications packages whilst developing an awareness of issues facing organisations today,

Data Security and digital literacy are part of Scotland's Digital strategy, this course will provide a foundation knowledge to give you skills in data security, digital forensics and ethical hacking giving you a skills pipeline into the cyber security industry.

This will raise awareness of cyber security and fill the current skills gap in this field. It will encourage you to improve your cyber hygiene and enable you to identify security weakness safely, legally and ethically. This will also help you to contribute more safely to virtual communities, essential for business today.

SCQF Level 6

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Who is the course for?

This course is for:

  • school leavers
  • college students transferring or progressing from another course
  • changing your career
  • enhancing your career prospects
  • adults returning to education

This course is also ideal for you if you are interested in progressing your studies to articulate to an HNC, HND, degree or professional qualification or if you are interested in starting your own business.

What will I study?

The aim of the course is to:

  • enhance and develop enterprising skills and attitudes
  • develop knowledge to support business start-up activity 
  • develop knowledge and skills in promoting a business
  • enhance and develop knowledge of customer management techniques 
  • provide practical, experiential learning about starting a business and transferable skills for employment

You will study:

  • business formation, business skills and behaviours, commercial aspects of law
  • Scottish legal framework, finance and e-business, management accounting
  • developing a business idea, promoting a business.
  • management of people and finance, management of marketing and operations
  • basic principles and applications of marketing, understanding business
  • IT software application packages
  • data security, digital forensics, ethical hacking

Next Step Course Options

The enterprising knowledge and skills gained will equip you for further study at HNC or HND level in the following.  

  • administration and digital technologies
  • administration and digital Technologies with social media and web design
  • business for entrepreneurs
  • business with HR management
  • business with digital and international marketing
  • business management and leadership
  • legal studies
  • accounting

How will I be assessed?

Ongoing assessment through a range of practical activities, observations, candidate folios, self-evaluation, presentations, planning and review using secure SQA assessment support packs. 

Why should I choose this course?

This course will develop your knowledge and skills in range of business areas.  It will give you an understanding of the key business drivers, such as finance, marketing, customer care, law, IT and digital business ethics as well as understanding and enhancing the underlying skills relevant to businesses, such as communication and ICT.

Businesses, business owners and employees also have a responsibility to be aware of the potential misuses of, and unauthorised access to, computer systems and how to use these competences for legal and ethical purposes.

Completion of this course will enable you to consider the various options open to you and will allow you to make informed career choices for the future.  It will prepare you to study further qualifications, for example HNC or HND before progressing to university degree courses and will also prepare you for employment in a business context.  

Where can this course lead?

The enterprising knowledge and skills gained from the qualification are relevant to any workplace, equipping candidates for employment in a wide range of areas, or for further study.  Self-employment is regarded as the most significant opportunity for candidates completing this qualification.

What are the entry requirements?

Any of the following:

  • three National 5's in relevant* subjects
  • NC Business, Administration, Accounting, Legal Services at SCQF level 5 (other NCs may be considered)
  • FA Business Skills or other relevant FA
  • other equivalent qualifications or experience.
  • relevant industrial experience

*Relevant subjects include English, Administration, Business Management, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Modern Studies or a Science subject.  Others may be considered. 

Where English is not your first language, it is recommended that you possess English for Speakers of Other languages at an appropriate level. If using a test such as IELTS or equivalent, an entry score of 5.5 or above would provide a sound linguistic basis for you to attempt the course.

What are the interview arrangements?

Your offer will be based on your application

Other information:

This course is bursary funded, and includes National Progression Awards (NPA) in:

  • business and enterprise
  • business with IT
  • cyber security


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Study mode Full-Time Start date 28/08/2023 Duration 1 year
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